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Breakfast Club
Budeez breakfast club is popular with parents who need to start the working day early: we open at 7.30 am every day. Children who arrive before 8.10 am are offered a healthy breakfast from a selection of quality choices including cereal, toast, fruit and a drink.

We leave the St John’s Church Centre at 8.30 am to ensure prompt arrival at school. On arrival, Pre-school, Reception and Year 1 children are escorted directly to their classrooms. To help encourage independence, children from Year 2 and above are watched across the playground.

Breakfast Club Menu
Our Breakfast Club healthy eating menu sets your child up for a busy day at school.
Options include:
Healthy cereals with milk or… toast with spread and…
Mixed fruit bowl and… choice of water or juice.

Little girl eating an apple

After School Club
Budeez after school club runs every school day. Children are collected from pre-school, nursery or school by staff who are clearly identifiable in their uniform and ID badges.

When the children first arrive at the club they are then encouraged to wash their hands and select a light snack from the variety of options available on our ‘lite-bites’ menu, before participating in free play. We have lots of lovely resources in the Club and the children are supported to choose age appropriate toys, books and games.

After School Club Menu
Our After-School Club ‘lite-bites’ menu provides your child with a healthy, nutritious snack: just enough to keep them going so they can eat tea with family at home.

Options include:
Mixed sandwiches or… crackers and cheese or… crumpets or teacakes and spread and…
Mixed fruit bowl or… vegetable sticks and… choice of water or juice.
Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Club Activities
Activities on offer during after school club vary and may include: arts and crafts, board games, drama, sewing, baking and dance, construction kits, train sets, dolls and a dolls house, dressing up etc. To encourage freedom of choice and provide a stimulating environment, the majority of our resources are displayed in clearly labelled, transparent boxes and placed at a height that will maximise accessibility. The children are encouraged to self-select and we aim to meet as many requests for toys and activities as we can in each session. A quiet space is provided if children want to read a book or do their homework.

Children with colouring books
Margaret Macmillan outdoors quote

We endeavour to give children every opportunity to be active. In addition to our spacious indoor room, we are fortunate to have the use of a large outdoor area on the premises and make the most of this space as often as possible for activities such as parachute games, sports, a bouncy castle and active free play. We also regularly take the children to the local parks.

Flexibility is built into all planning of activities and priority is given to each individual child’s needs. Children are able to choose how they spend their time in a structured, safe environment and, whatever they decide, the emphasis is always on FUN!

“To assist a child we must provide them with an environment which will enable them to develop freely.” – Maria Montessori

A wall of children's drawings